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Realm of Thrones Brings Westeros to Mount and Blade II

May 6, 2021 10:20 AM

By: Brian Renadette


The medieval warfare and intrigue found in Mount and Blade II makes it a perfect game to receive a major mod themed around Game of Thrones. An in-development mod for the medieval open-world game will let players take their place as an important part of the kingdoms created by George R.R. Martin.

Released on Nexus Mods recently by Carolina Warlord, Realm of Thrones is a complete overhaul mod for Mount and Blade II. This mod replaces the game's normal map of Calradia with the entire Westeros and a small part of Essos, and this map is populated with 14 new kingdoms, with pre-existing kingdoms being converted to fit the new world they inhabit. These new kingdoms, ranging from the Free Folk north of the wall to Dothraki of the Great Grass Sea, have new cultures, new troops, and hundreds of customized NPCs from the books/show. It should be noted that full conversion mods are somewhat rare for Mount and Blade II due to how the game is coded, something that unhappy modders have brought up in the past.




Tywin Lannister in the Mount and Blade II mod Realm of Thrones

Realm of Thrones is still an early access mod and Carolina says that it's "no where close to complete." The versions of Westeros and Essos in the mod are still very much a beta version with many abnormalities due to having to leave the native vista texture in place and Carolina having to add what they could. It'll likely get remade when the game's modding tools get fixed and fully implemented. Also, don't expect to see any custom weapons or armor from the folks of the Game of Thrones world. For now, the new troops in-game are equipped with base game gear.



Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is available on Steam. You can find the Realm of Thrones mod on Nexus Mods and follow its development on its official Discord. If you're looking for other Game of Thrones mods, be sure to also check out Trials of the Seven Kingdoms.

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