Ready Or Not Update Includes New Maps And Physics

Published: June 13, 2022 3:52 PM /


Ready Or Not

The Ready Or Not game aims to create realistic encounters and they're going to get more real. The devs have announced a new update which will add new content, game elements, and performance aspects. The game remains on Early Access since it was released last year with this update being made available to all supporters. Although it's considered a regular update, it's currently the largest one that the title has ever received.

Ready Or Not Update

VOID Interactive took Ready Or Not in a serious FPS direction. This is done by placing players in the roles of SWAT Officers who are sent in to resolve a number of dangerous and delicate situations. The new update will add more to this experience by including new maps in the form of a club and valley, as well as three white box maps of a ridgeline, a hospital, and an agency. It also tweaks the physics by adding cloth movement to assets like curtains. The SWAT Officers are also updated with new aesthetics such as t-shirts, helmets, and vests. The gameplay has been altered by including more graphic explosions, adding keycard mechanics, and expanding how armor plating behaves.


The update also adds more assets for players to use. They'll have access to new vehicles like police cruisers, ambulances, trucks, vans, and sedans. There will also be props that can be shot and destroyed including, lamps, bottles, fire extinguishers, and balloons. Additionally, certain areas will now provide information world-building the setting of Ready Or Not, a place named Los Suenos. The update also brings massive changes to how spawning works in certain scenarios while also improving the brightness and AoE of flashlights.

To top it all off, enemies called Suspects have been overhauled to be more dynamic. They will now take cover, hide, and fire back to keep players from advancing. They can also play dead to fool reports and have more idle actions including smoking, texting, and producing drugs. This Ready Or Not update can take the game closer to leaving Early Access.

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