February Ready or Not Update Adds New Map and Two Weapons

Published: March 1, 2022 9:37 AM /


Ready Or Not

The Ready or Not February update includes a bunch of new additions for players to try out, including two new weapons, a new test map, and melee suspects. The weapons are the G36C-a German 5.56 assault rifle- and the BRN-180, which is a modern take on the AR-18. The new map is called Club (Early Blockout Phase), and there's also support for displaying modded maps on the World Map (in Lobby). World generation of modded maps will also now have AI and Stack Up points generated automatically. For some players this might be the most important part of the update: the loading screen crash is fixed, and multiple crash fixes have been implemented. If you've been having trouble playing due to crashes, this might be what finally allows you to play the game.

AI is a big portion of any game, especially for a tactical shooter where realistic interactions are paramount for a good experience. The Ready or Not February update fixes a bunch of issues and crashes with the AI, including one where hesitating AI would sometimes float around, a possible crash when giving a stack up order when no SWAT are available, and fixed SWAT getting stuck on the 'Restrain' command. I've personally had trouble with the 'Restrain' command, so it's nice to see the developers are on the ball with that.

Ready or not

While restraining people, you might hear the new Meth Suspect and Civilian voices, which is good because some of the VO isn't all that great. Speed Grip has changed to Angled Grip, and Control Grip has changed to Vertical Grip. This makes sense, because usually games with those grips are called Angled and Vertical Grip. Why change what already works, eh? 

The Ready or Not February update is available now. Check out the patch notes here. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more information.

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