Re-Logic Hires Minecraft Modder to Work on Terraria Mod Tools

Chicken Bones has contributed a lot to the Minecraft and Terraria modding communities. Now, he's been hired by Re-Logic to work on the development of Terraria modding tools such as tModLoader and tModPorter.

Published: May 26, 2022 3:22 PM /


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Prominent Minecraft modder Chicken Bones has been hired by Re-Logic to work on Terraria mod tools, with a particular focus on further developing tModLoader and tModPorter.

As with MinecraftTerraria is a game that is well-known for having a robust modding community. There are a lot of great mods for the game such as the Terraria Pokemon mod that was announced last month. Modding is about to get a whole lot better -- Terraria developer Re-Logic has hired a prominent modder to help develop its modding tools.

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Chicken Bones Tapped to Further Develop Terraria Mod Tools

The monthly State of the Game post has come out for Terraria, and this one has a particularly interesting note about a new hire -- Minecraft modder Chicken Bones is now officially working at Re-Logic and is working on making Terraria mod tools better.

As our team is preparing to embark on the journey that will be our second game, we realize that there are some gaps in the team's skillset that we would like to fill [--] as well as the overall need for more quality folks in general," read a portion of the May 2022 Terraria State of the Game post (via Reddit). "With all of that in mind, it is with great pleasure that we formally announce that long-time Terraria modder and core tModLoader Team member Chicken Bones to the Re-Logic family!

Aside from his work on tModLoader, Chicken Bones has created or contributed to dozens of Minecraft mods, many of which have millions of downloads such as the inventory expansion mod Ender Storage.

One of the many issues facing Terraria modding is the current state of tModLoader. This program opens the door for using many popular mods, but it's not quite up to date with the latest version of the game. For the immediate future, Chicken Bones will be focusing on the development of tModLoader and tModPorter. He's not just going to be working on Terraria, though -- he'll be sticking around to work on Re-Logic's second game (whatever that might be) when production on it properly begins.

There are still plenty of mods to play and enjoy right now (nevermind the fantastic base game) -- you can buy Terraria for PC and consoles via its official website at prices ranging from $4.99 to $29.99 or your regional equivalent.

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