Razor Edge Games Announce Eden Falling; Coming to Steam Early Access This Year

Published: February 12, 2020 9:00 AM /


eden falling

Developer Razor Edge Games, founded by Michael Weiser in 2014, finally announced their first title. Eden Falling, the third-person, cinematic roleplaying game, takes place sixty-two years after Asteroid 410777 struck our blue planet. Players are residents of the South Western territories of North America, or what remains of it.

As a result of the devastating meteor, civilizations fell and humans started forming tribes to control territories and fight over the dwindling resources left on Earth. What sets Eden Falling apart is its tabletop-inspired gameplay, with players taking on contracts to leverage certain faction's control, and making allies and enemies along the way.

Not only that, the game features a perma-death mechanic, keeping players on edge and obliging them to analyze the consequences of their decisions. The developer offers the chance to revert certain actions using Destiny points. When you die, if you wish to continue your journey, you can carry on as one of your companions you gained along the way with the game's Legacy system.

The world of After Fall features over 3,000 areas to explore, divided across seven factions. These areas are procedurally generated the first time you visit them then they are locked to your playthrough, even when you invite friends to join your games. The following are some of the features you can expect from Eden Falling.

  • Single and multiplayer CRPG developed in the traditions of tabletop gaming
  • No class system offers complete freedom to customise characters 

  • Persistent world and characters that will change and age with time

  • Perma-death will see characters’ legacies continue with the Companion System

  • Undo unwanted outcomes by using Destiny Points

  • Modular Build that allows for an incredible number of areas and modding possibilities

Razor Edge Games' Eden Falling is slated to arrive on Steam's Early Access later in 2020. For now, the studio launched the game's official website for players to read more about what to expect and the various features they are working on.


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