Razer buying Ouya may not be just a rumor

Published: June 17, 2015 5:04 PM /


Ouya Investment

Ouya is one of those occurrence where a less known side of kickstarter is shown; when a project is acclaimed, meets the funding goal but when it actually hits the light the audience finds it underwhelming and is quickly forgotten. The Android based console followed exactly those steps and has been struggling for a while as a result.

Days ago, a rumor started spreading that Razer, one of the big guys in gaming hardware market, was interested in buying OUYA. That remained only a rumor for a while. Until now, according to liliputing.

Credits to Engadget for the screenshot
Credits to Engadget for the screenshot

It appears that Razer actually sealed the deal to acquire OUYA, with Mesa Global acting as a middle man. Mesa Global then proceeded to add the successful transaction to their website, for the world to see. At the time of writing, said transaction is not present anymore on the site as it has been pulled down (not before someone had the time to take screenshots of it). The transaction has probably been removed by Razer's and/or OUYA's request in order to keep the deal secret in view of a future announcement.

Well, the cat is now out of the bag and the only thing that remains to do is to see how Razer will intend to use the newly acquired technology. After the cold welcome received by Razer's Forge TV, they probably intend to use OUYA's expertise in order to bring Android Gaming to the living room. Whatever the case, this could be either be the opportunity for OUYA to carve its own niche in the industry or the moment where it finally falls into nothingness, with good peace of mind of its backers.

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