Razer Announces New Currency System zVault, Announces Partners

Published: March 10, 2017 10:30 AM /



Gaming peripheral and hardware manufacturer Razer have announced zVault, a new kind of system with a new kind of digital currency you can use to buy Razer's products ,items in a select few games, and games from several stores. Their plan is to create a safe currency you can use to purchase games in addition to buying Razer products.

The introduction of zVault is all about giving value to gamers with secure payment convenience and a great rewards program. This is much more than a club or credit card perks program or micro-transaction solution. Our ultimate vision is a complete gamer economy expanding from the zVault ecosystem. It’s social, interactive and truly useful, opening the doors to a safer way of doing business and an expansive rewards market for our fans. Min-Liang Tan, CEO and co-founder of Razer.
The conversion rate of one US dollar to zGold is as follows: 1 dollar will get you 100 zGold which you can then use to buy Razer products from their store or in shops built into games made by Razer's partners. Once the new platform launches, you will also be able to earn zSilver, which is another form of currency you can earn by buying products with zGold or by using Razer software. A select few developers and publishers also support Razer's zGold currency, allowing you to purchase in-game items or Steam keys with zGold. Here is a short list of companies or products that use the new currency:
Trion and Razer’s audiences are one and the same: tens of millions of dedicated gamers around the world. It makes perfect sense to expand our amazing partnership with Razer to include the zVault payment and rewards program. We love finding great new ways for our players to earn additional rewards. Scott Hartsman, CEO of Trion Worlds
To celebrate the launch of this new platform, Razer is giving 2000 zSilver to Razer ID users and up to 30% bonus zGold when you put money into your Razer ID's wallet. What do you think of the zVault program? Let us know in the comments!


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