Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures for mobile

July 7, 2015

By: Alexandria Brown


A new Rayman game is coming to iOS and Android this Fall. Ubisoft has a new addition to the Rayman franchise for smartphones and tablets called Rayman Adventures. The game will be a new experience for Rayman fans.



The story of Rayman Adventures follows the plight of the Enchanted Forest. The ancient eggs which sustain the sacred tree have been stolen and it's up to Rayman and his viking friend Barbara to get them back. These ancient eggs hatch into quirky creatures called Incrediballs. Finding and hatching these eggs will unleash epic powers that will help Rayman on his adventures.

Bring Incrediballs home with you to feed and play with them as a fun little side game. Collect them all and make music together. Players can take their own paths to explore the worlds and find hidden secrets. Worlds range from haunted mansions to mythical Olympus and enemies range from bandits to minotaurs.


In Rayman Adventures players can compete against friends to have the highest scores and emerge victorious from time attack challenges. Ubisoft aims to push the limits of 2D graphics with Rayman Adventures. The game will feature gorgeous graphics and new special effects.

[caption id="attachment_47174" align="aligncenter" width="587"]Rayman Adventures Collect the eggs of Incrediball creatures throughout the worlds of Rayman Adventures.[/caption]


More content for Rayman Adventures is promised to be released after the game’s launch to create an endless journey for players to enjoy. New quests and more Incrediball creatures will be added to the game so there will be even more to do and explore.

An exact release date and price for the game have yet to be announced. Previous Rayman mobile games are selling for $2.99 with in-app purchases so similar pricing can be expected. Rayman Adventures will be released for iOS and Android in Fall of 2015.

Are you looking forward to a new Rayman mobile game? Or would you rather have a new title for PC and consoles?