Raven's Cry Delayed Again

Published: December 15, 2014 1:36 PM /


Raven's Cry

Reality Pump's upcoming Adventure RPG Raven's Cry has been delayed... again. In what is becoming a bit of a repeated message, they released a statement delaying the games release again at the 11th hour moving it until January 2015.

The game has had several release dates this year, each one getting moved near the date as the team appears to run into some issues. Its first date this year was October 14th... which was delayed until November 27th as they needed more time to fix some unspecified issues, and it was announced on October 10th. Then, as the game was getting close to the November 27th date there were more issues and it got delayed - this time to December 16th 2014. We just noticed this today, but they announced on Friday that it was getting delayed again until the 26th of January 2015. In fact, the change seems to be so last minute that as of writing, the release date on Steam still says it unlocks in just over a day.

In addition to apologizing though, for those who have preordered they have made a promise and an offer to their preorder customers. The promise is that they will release some gameplay material soon - whether that's a short demo, or more likely some gameplay footage is yet to be seen. Their offer, as an apology to preorder customers who were expecting it for Christmas ... or Halloween... or Thanksgiving... is that they can email [email protected] to request a steam key copy of one of their other games.

What exactly this means for the boxed copies of the game and console versions of it is currently unknown. Those were planned to ship in early 2015 but that was with the November date, and it may be that having to work on things has slowed the move of people from one part of the project to another for porting it over and/or preparing to get it in shops.

If you did preorder it, when looking on Steam keep your eyes open as Reality Pump is down there in two forms - Reality Pump and Reality Pump Studios. You will have to look at both to get a full look at their backlog.

What do you think of projects that keep delaying themselves? Would you prefer a single long delay or repeated small ones? 


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