Rainbow Six Siege Is Reverting Its Recently Announced Aesthetic Changes

Published: November 20, 2018 2:34 PM /


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Ubisoft has announced that they are reverting the aesthetic changes outlined earlier this month for Rainbow Six Siege. This news follows the community's backlash about the changes, which were originally intended to make the game more suitable for Asian markets.

The changes aimed to remove explicit reference to gambling and soften the game's violence and suggestive imagery. A map that features a casino saw the most dramatic changes, with slot machines being removed and a neon sign of a naked woman replaced with a pointing finger. The violent imagery was also tweaked. Bloodstains were removed and in-game icons were made less explicit.

Ubisoft had this to say about why they were removing these changes:

"We have been following the conversation with our community closely over the past couple of weeks, alongside regular discussions with our internal Ubisoft team, and we want to ensure that the experience for all our players, especially those that have been with us from the beginning, remains as true to the original artistic intent as possible."
Ubisoft aims to make these changes are as smooth as possible, although they said that "such changes may lead to a season delay and/or some instability as our testing and debug times are shortened."

The changes will begin coming into effect alongside the launch of Operation Wind Bastion.

"We will begin reverting these changes alongside the launch of Wind Bastion so no player is impacted; we ask you to be patient if some elements remain. We will carefully remove them all to the best of our ability considering the short timeframe and with the lowest impact on the season’s launch date and our build stability."
Players in Asian territories will be able to "continue enjoying the same game as the other players," according to Ubisoft.
"In the meantime, we are excited to unveil Operation Wind Bastion on the Test Server later today, and cannot wait to introduce players to Kaid, Nomad, the new Fortress map and more in Year Three Season Four."
What do you think? Are you glad these changes are being reverted? Were you a fan of these changes? Are you looking forward to the next season of Rainbow Six Siege? Let us know in the comments!
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