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Rainbow Six Siege goes into open beta next week

Gaming article by Luigi Savinelli on November 22, 2015 at 3:46 PM
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December 1, 2015
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Rainbow Six Siege approaches its release date. The game has been in closed beta for a while with some open beta periods in between to stress test the servers. From the 25th to the 29th of November, another of said open beta periods will occur and will be the last before the launch of the game December 1st. You will be able to preload the game client starting the 23rd and closed beta players will be able to access the game 24 hours early. Players will also be able to experience the changes in the game developed after the feedback of the last closed beta period.

This testing round, will focus on matchmaking and online infrastructure performance. It will include, for this reason, only a slice of the final product. In this slice, though, there will be some content that was not available in previous test rounds. For example, there will be two new playable operators. Tachanka and Glaz will represent the Spetsnaz with Kapkan while Fuse will sit on the bench this time.


Talking of the playable game modes, there will be both ranked and unranked PvP matchmaking available. The ranking will not carry over to the final game, but given the fact that the purpose of this test period is to test the matchmaking, it would be preferable to play ranked matches. It will also be a way to test how the real deal feels like since ranked matches have been changed to include minimal HUD (no teammates outlines, no indicators etc) to make ranked matches more challenging.

Players will be able to play either TDM - Secure Area or TDM - Bomb modes. For those who prefer PvE, for the first time in the beta test, players will be able to try the Disarm Bomb variant of the Terrorist Hunt mode, the mode featured in the E3 trailer of the game back in 2014.


During the open beta period, three maps will be playable. Hereford Base and the House map will make a return while for the first time the Kanal Industrial Harbor map will be playable. All maps will be playable in PvE and PvP mode in both day and night settings.

If you want a quick way to keep track of everything, take a look at this useful infographic:


Rainbos Six Siege Inforgraphic open beta
All the content available in the Open Beta

Keep in mind that inventory, progression and rank will not carry to the actual game at release. Still this is probably the best chance to see if the game is worth its salt before the reviews roll out. Especially considering the game lacks a single player campaign and it includes microtransactions.

Did you ever play a Rainbow Six game? Will you try Rainbow Six Siege during the open beta? Let us know in the comments.

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