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Rainbow Six Siege gets IP Protection Finally (No, not The Division, just another Ubisoft title.)

Gaming article by Shaun Joy on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 17:54

Thank you to our news editor to pointing this out to me. Yesterday, I passed along information regarding the ability for players in The Division to see other players IP addresses thanks to the methods used for VOIP, aka voice chat with teammates. What I was unaware of is that this problem also existed in another title within the Ubisoft game-sphere: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. But thankfully, it looks like that problem will be solved with an update and maintenance that will be occurring on March 16th, 2016. The fix will go live at 10 AM EST time (7 AM PST), and the downtime period will be about an hour.

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As stated on a steam update page, Ubisoft Montreal has been working on IP protection to help protect players information within game. During the March 16th Maintenance period, that fix will be going into place. As stated on the page: "While we believe this fix will be deployed without any issues, as a precaution we have added a switch that will revert the game back to the pre-patch state if an issue occurs". What exactly Ubisoft is concerned with her is unknown, as it could be connected to connectivity as a whole, considering the IP address is involved, or maybe working with third party voice chat programs such as Discord, Mumble, and TeamSpeak. They will be indicating if they plan on using the "switch" in question, and communicate if the switch is activated. In this update, there will also be some fixes regarding those using UplayPC, in particular with crashes.

To see what Ubisoft's current list of priorities regarding Rainbow Six Siege is, there's a helpful thread over at their forums run by a community manager. It seems that those cheating are a #1 priority, and considering the competitive nature of the game, that makes a lot of sense.

Quick Take

I didn't even realize that this was in more then one Ubisoft game. While I applaud Ubisoft Montreal for getting this into place... it's really troublesome that a fix took THIS long to get into place, well over a few months while this problem was going down. I apologize to the community for not finding this sooner, and thank our editor Don for giving me a heads up. I've been a strong critic of Ubisoft, especially since my interaction with them regarding Anno 2205, but this is getting worse by the day. But ok, I should be positive, at least something got fixed. Hopefully.

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