Rainbow Six Siege Clash Exploit Forces Ubisoft to Disable Character

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Rainbow Six Siege Clash Exploit Forces Ubisoft to Disable Character

February 21, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

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Yet another Rainbow Six Siege Clash exploit has popped up, causing Ubisoft to temporarily disable the defensive character yet again as they work on a fix.

The announcement of Clash being temporarily disabled in the game was made in a submission on the /r/Rainbow6 subreddit and it caused quite a lot of discussion on the matter.

"We are deactivating Clash today," the announcement from Ubisoft stated. "We have become aware of an exploit, and have decided to deactivate Clash. As such, Clash will not be available for play until we have resolved the issue. We appreciate your understanding. You can check for updates here or at [email protected]."

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What is the New Rainbow Six Siege Clash Exploit?

Ubisoft didn't mention explicit details of the new Rainbow Six Siege Clash exploit. Naturally, it was detailed and discussed by Redditors talking about it in the announcement thread. One Redditors notes that they've seen an exploit that effectively renders her invulnerable.

"I’ve seen someone do a glitch where she’s shooting and can’t taking any damage as if her shield was deployed," stated a comment from /u/liluce_. "Reported him [afterward] ['cause] he did it 3 times on a ranked game. It’s ridiculous."

The exploit was shown in action in this YouTube video from ninjabladeJr, showing Clash shooting through a transparent shield.

Clash had been previously disabled before when an exploit back in May 2019 made her and several other shield-wielding characters nigh-unstoppable. Other Redditors in the comment mention previous Ubisoft comments on the difficulties of coding a transparent shield in the game and how that may have been a source of many of Clash's troubles.

Ubisoft has stated that Clash will make her return once they've resolved the issue.

What do you think of this latest Rainbow Six Siege Clash exploit? Does it disappoint you to see this character disabled multiple times? Let us know in the comments below!


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