Rage 2 Wasteland Challenges Unlock A "Vomit Comet" Pistol Skin And More

Published: November 1, 2019 9:40 AM /


Rage 2 May Wasteland Challenges Unlock A Vomit Comet Pistol Skin And More

Rage 2 released three days ago, and the reviews so far are quite mixed. Our own Reviews Editor at TechRaptor gave it a 6/10, praising the incredible gunplay and brilliant graphics, but dismissing the disposable story and bland open world design.

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it for what it is, and if you're having fun with the gunplay, Bethesda has announced the first series of weekly community challenges for players to participate in and rake in those rewards, which this month brings lots of weapon skins. This week you can get a particularly flamboyant skin, as we had previously mentioned in our coverage of Rage 2's roadmap. The challenges kick off every Friday, so you might want to keep an eye on the Rage Twitter account, or the in-game Message of the Day to see the current challenge. If you want to help your friends with the challenges, you have to make sure you're online and signed in with your Bethesda.net account.


This week you can complete the Kill Trials of the Vomit Comet, going from May 17 to May 23. The Trade Coalition is looking for a Ranger who can help to clear out the competition in the wasteland. So if you want to help, take out 100,000,000 baddies. If it seems too high, remember you can have your posse along to help. Once you complete the challenge, all players will get the new Vomit Comet Pistol skin, which looks like what Barbie would use if she was a post-apocalyptic punk rocker raider.

From May 24 to May 30 you'll get the second community challenge, "Kill Shit, Get Paid," where you can wreak havoc on location hideouts. Once you take out 250,000 enemy camps, you'll get the Dream Catcher Assault Rifle skin. And from May 31 to June 6, you'll get both an in-game event, and a Wasteland Challenge. You'll have to take out a Mutant Crusher, which will get you No-School Wingstick skin, a throwback to the original Rage wingstick.

So if you've already beaten the main campaign of Rage 2 and you're hankering for some more, take on these challenges for some unique skins.

What do you think of the Wasteland Challenges? A little too grindy for your taste, or just right? Let us know in the comments below!



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