Raft Update Adds Tons of Building Options and Sealife

Published: June 21, 2021 3:47 PM /


Raft Renovation Update New Decorations

Open world sailing survival game Raft has just released its latest update. This Raft updated, called the renovation update, adds a whole lot of options for people building, decorating, or otherwise customizing their boats while also adding a variety of marine life to the mix.

For those without the inclination or the skill to focus on decor, there are still building things that are worthwhile. The Raft renovation update adds a new tier of building blocks, as well as multiple new building block shapes to make use of. For those who want to dig in and let their designer self out, there are over 65 new decorative items, a decoration package, and a whole bunch of new painting options. These new options will let you paint different sides of walls, ceilings, and floors differently, as well as letting you paint on 8 different patterns onto them. Making this easier is the new paint preview, two-part painting, an improved paint swatch, and easy new 'aim-n-select' controls, the latter also useable with the hammer.

Raft Reno

It's not all about building, however. Joining the game is a bunch of new sea creatures with whales, turtles, dolphins, stingrays, jellyfish, and more. These are all peaceful and may just occasionally drop in on you to be friendly and hang around. Get to know the dolphins, and swim with the whales... but if they are disturbing you (monster), you can make use of the improved engine controls which make it possible to control all of your engines from one place.

As part of the update, the team has also touched up a lot of models and added other quality of life features like the ability to stack ladders on top of ladders, an axe use highlighter so you stop cutting down the wrong thing, and the unstuck button when in the ocean now teleporting you to the raft instead of a random nearby island.

Oh, and for you achievement hunters out there, your perfect score is broken. Raft received a new achievement in this update, so better go back and find it.

You can find out everything in the Raft renovation update here.

Where is Raft chapter 3?

If, like many, you were wondering about the Raft Chapter 3 update, the renovation update does not include that. Instead in the update, the team says not to worry, and that a lot of work has been done on the next part of the Raft story. They hope to show it to everyone soon and say that it will be even bigger and better than what came before.

Raft is out now on Steam, in early access. It is currently in Early Access, and is 33% off through June 24th.


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