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Radical Rabbit Stew Is A Hare-Raising Experience

February 19, 2020

By: Patrick Perrault


Today, the title's publisher Sold Out has announced that the action-arcade title Radical Rabbit Stew is coming to the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4, PC, and the Xbox One July 16, 2020.

Developed by Pugstorm, Radical Rabbit Stew combines fast-paced action with puzzle-solving and whack-a-mole rabbit gameplay. Altogether, this means that the tile is a easily-digestible pick-up-and-play package, including pixel-graphics and a 'sizzling' soundtrack.


The gameplay features players solving puzzles and challenges and acquiring spoons that will somehow alter the gameplay. When that's done, there will be bosses to conquer, with each requiring different tactics to defeat, such as using enemy rabbits as ammunition or dodging trains while smacking the drivers out. There will also be a couch-multiplayer mode where players who happen to have friends can promptly lose said friendships in a competitive and "light-hearted" mode. While they say it's light-hearted, we all know that it'll be a bloody affair, with only one wascally wabbit (you, of course) as the last rabbit standing.

Radical Rabbit Stew combines fast, pick-up-and-play gameplay with clever design, increasingly expansive puzzles and quirky fun-filled moments to deliver a game with wide-reaching appeal,” said Katie Clark, Product Manager at Sold Out. “We’re really excited for players to try this brand new demo and experience the game’s crazy action-arcade gameplay for themselves.”

Those who attend PAX East will be able to get a hands-on with the Nintendo Switch version of Radical Rabbit Stew. It will be at booth #30071 from Thursday, February 27 through Sunday, March 1. The demo will feature a portion of the levels from the single-player campaign.


Radical Rabbit Stew will be available on July 16, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. If you would like to know more, wishlist the game on Steam or go to the main website.

What do you think of this announcement? Are you ready to put on your rabbit suit? Let us know in the comments!

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