Radiant Entertainment Acquired by Riot Games

Published: March 9, 2016 4:00 PM /


radiant entertainment

More changes have come to League of Legends creator Riot Games as they acquire a new company as part of their growing ranks. Back in December Chinese gaming company Tencent bought out Riot Games and now Riot Games has bought Radiant Entertainment. Radiant is known for it’s games Stonehearth and Rising Thunder and will be adding some new talent to the Riot team.

Radiant Entertainment was founded by twin brothers Tom and Tony Cannon. Tom Cannon is President and CEO of Radiant. He also founded the fighting game tournament Evolution Championship Series in 2002. Tony Cannon is CTO of the company and has pioneered latency-hiding techniques for fighting games licensed under the name “GGPO”.

The acquisition seems to be a happy one as Radiant Entertainment writes on behalf of their team that they are “delighted” and “ . . .will continue their mission of building incredible games that speak to us personally as players.” While having a company with a lot of fighting game experience on their side may lead to some interesting developments for Riot Games it will have some consequences for Radiant Entertainments games’.

Radiant Entertainment

The company’s successfully Kickstarted project Stonehearth will be sticking around. The title is a sandbox strategy survival game with town building, crafting and battling. Radiant promises to keep working on the game and will launch it when it’s ready. Those interested in Stonehearth can keep up to date with its progress on their Twitch Streams and Desktop Tuesday blog posts.

Radiant’s other game Rising Thunder unfortunately didn't have such a happy story. The free-to play mecha fighting game with online versus play that was in alpha will be permanently closed on March 18th. If you want to try it out you need to get your online fighting action in now.

Rising Thunder
Radiant Entertainment

The company has hinted that they will be working on a new game though, perhaps a fighting game. The Cannon brothers write, “ . . .the team will start work on a new game that we’re incredibly excited about.” While they can’t reveal any details about the new project yet, they promise to let their fans know “when the time is right.”

The Radiant team gives their thanks to all the gamers that have supported them so far and promise to keep everyone updated with their progress. Sadly, Rising Thunder will be no more but hopefully a new game will rise to take it’s place. We will have to stay tuned to see what comes next for Riot Games and their new Radiant Entertainment team members.


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