Rabi-Ribi Signed by Sekai Project, Releases Early 2016

Published: December 28, 2015 10:12 PM /


Rabi Ribi

Sekai Project has become something of a guardian angel to many Japanese-styled indie crowdfunding efforts, stepping into either rescue failed campaigns or help further fund projects. Today, they announced on stream another title they are doing that for with Rabi-Ribi, a game developed by Taiwan based developer CreSpirit, a title that was crowdfunded on indiegogo via Flexible Funding raising just over 10k.

Rabi-Ribi is a 2d sidescrolling exploration non-linear game where you play as Erina, an everyday rabbit who found herself suddenly in a new place and transformed into a human (with rabbit ears). Shortly thereafter she meets Ribbon, a fairy who chooses to stay around and help Erina on her journey, lending her ranged power to Erina's more melee focused assaults. The game allows you to find over 60 items and upgrades that add new skills and attacks to both Erina and Ribbon's repertoire.


There will be 8 or more main areas, and over 20 sub-areas to explore giving a lot of areas to visit and find where to go. Rabi-Ribi features at least 40 boss fights, each of which have a large variety of attack patterns drawing heavily from the Bullet Hell genre, which will give the game a unique feel.Beyond standard play through, with 3 difficulty settings, there will be a Boss Rush Mode to play the boss battles straight through, and post-story content includes a speedrun mode which takes out all the sections you don't directly control the character and let you focus on getting the fastest time possible.


Rabi-Ribi was announced to be coming out in February 2016 and has been greenlit on Steam and will have English, Japanese, and Chinese support.

Quick Take

It is nice that Sekai Project works with such a wide range of indie titles giving them support. As for Rabi-Ribi it looks like an interesting title with a neat aesthetic and some neat mechanics that may help it stand out in a crowded genre.

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