R-Type Dimensions Coming to Switch, PC Later This Year

Published: September 6, 2018 7:26 PM /


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Tozai Games announced that classic sidescrolling shooter R-Type Dimensions will come to both Switch and PC sometime later this year. The Switch and PC versions of R-Type Dimensions come with two new features: the option to speed up the game, and "full power-up mode," where players can "power their ships to maximum weapon in Infinite Mode." These two modes seem designed to offer new players a way to test out R-Type Dimensions without the steep difficulty. You'll be able to shoot and navigate your way through R-Type Dimensions' tough stages when it comes to Switch and PC sometime in "Winter 2018."


R-Type Dimensions is a compilation of the arcade ports of R-Type and R-Type IIR-Type Dimensions is already available on the PS3 and the Xbox 360, but this is the first modern appearance of the duology. The Wii saw R-Type appear on the Virtual Console back in 2006, while it's been many years since an official PC release.

Often described as a landmark sidescrolling shoot-'em-up, R-Type Dimensions brings the very best of shoot-'em-up action to modern consoles and PCs. Whereas other sidescrolling shooters have been about surviving tough bosses and Touhou's bullet hell puzzles, the R-Type games have been about finding the "proper" path through a level. Both R-Type games involve the alien Bydo, as you pilot the R-9 ship, attempting to destroy the alien threat.

The other features coming as part of R-Type Dimensions are as follows:

  • Two complete games: includes all 8 original R-Type levels and all 6 original R-Type II levels
  • Switch between hi-res 2D/3D graphics with revamped music, or play the classic versions with the push of a button
  • Infinite Mode and Level Select: learn the levels inside and out for the perfect, 1CC runs
  • Co-op Mode: 2 players can play together "couch co-op" style or add collision for competitive play
  • Slow motion play function: weave through bullets and enemies with ease
  • Custom controller configuration: change the button layout to match your play style
With all the new features, any fan of shoot-'em-ups would do well to check out R-Type Dimensions when it releases on PC and the Switch later this year.

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