A Quiet Place Game Announced By Saber Interactive

The announcement banner for the new A Quiet Place game

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A Quiet Place Game Announced By Saber Interactive

October 26, 2021

By: Joseph Allen


Saber Interactive and developer Illogika have announced that there's an A Quiet Place game in the works. It'll be a single-player adventure set in the world of the movies, but it will feature its own original story.

What do we know about the A Quiet Place game?

Per a press release, the game, which is currently simply known as A Quiet Place, is a "single-player, story-driven horror adventure". It'll aim to capture the suspense and drama of the movies, but will have an entirely original story. It's not yet clear whether this story will follow any of the existing characters in the movies, or whether they'll turn up throughout the course of the game.

A banner for the upcoming A Quiet Place game
Right now, this banner is all we have for the upcoming A Quiet Place game.

A Quiet Place is a three-way collaboration between developer Illogika, publisher Saber Interactive, and third studio Ep1t0me, which is mainly known for comics like St. Mercy. It's unclear how development is split between the two studios, but we'll likely learn more about that process when more information becomes available for A Quiet Place. Saber Interactive has a horror pedigree, though; it's the company behind the World War Z video game, which is getting a sequel soon, as well as the upcoming Evil Dead: The Game. Of course, A Quiet Place might require a more subtle touch than those two properties, so we'll have to wait and see how Saber and its developers handle this one.

When is the A Quiet Place game release date?

Unfortunately, we don't have a release date for this upcoming A Quiet Place game yet. Saber Interactive assures us that we'll get more information "later this year", although we don't know when that will be just yet. Given how tense the movies are (and how brilliant they could be as video games), we're excited to learn more, but it looks like Saber, Illogika, and Ep1t0me are being sensible right now and not making any noises.

Evil Dead: The Game, another horror property being worked on by Saber Interactive
Saber Interactive is also currently working on Evil Dead: The Game, another horror movie adaptation.

We'll bring you more information on A Quiet Place as soon as we get it. Until then, you can keep up with the game via its official website, as well as its Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages. Don't worry; this game is in no way affiliated with the execrable The Quiet Man, although I'm sure our reviews editor would love a crossover between the two. Stay tuned for more.

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