Qubic Games Giving Away 10 Nintendo Switch Games

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Qubic Games Giving Away 10 Nintendo Switch Games

December 10, 2019

By: Samuel Guglielmo


Looking to get some free Nintendo Switch games? Developer Qubic has an offer for you, and you can nab a solid 10 free games from it.

To celebrate their 15 year anniversary, Qubic will be giving away 10 free games on the Nintendo Switch. Want some of these games? There's a pretty simple process to grabbing them. First, you need to own any game that Qubic has put out already on the Nintendo Switch. This even includes free games, like Coloring Book. As long as you have one of these games downloaded by December 15th, you're golden.

After that, the first game is free right now. That game is Robonauts, which you can grab anytime between today and December 15th. You have to grab the game at some point because this leads to the third step. Starting on the 16th, a new game will be made free every single day. You'll have to grab the games as they become free every day to keep the chain going and claim the next game. Should you happen to miss a game, you can reconnect the chain by buying the free game you missed, which will be made available at a heavily discounted price. Remember to log in, and you'll be walking away with ten free games.

Which games? Well, here's the list of the ten games being given away.

  • December 10th - 15th: Robonauts
  • December 16th: Geki Yaba Runner
  • December 17th: Puzzle Book
  • December 18th: One Strike
  • December 19th: Wreckin' Ball Adventure
  • December 20th: Koloro
  • December 21st: #RaceDieRun
  • December 22nd: REKT
  • December 23rd: Mana Spark
  • December 24th: Mystery Game TBA

Make sure you start grabbing the free games as they become available.

How do you feel about this giveaway? Interested in any of the games on offer? Going to grab them all? Let us know in the comments below!

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