The Quarry Movie Mode Lets You Remove Gameplay

Published: April 8, 2022 12:22 PM /


A character in The Quarry

Supermassive Games has announced a The Quarry Movie Mode, which will allow you to remove almost all of the gameplay from the game. You'll be able to set some parameters at the outset, then sit back and watch the story unfold just like a movie.

How does this The Quarry Movie Mode work?

As with previous Supermassive games like The Dark Pictures anthology, The Quarry will be more of an interactive thriller than a full-on game. However, if you want to go one step further, then the new The Quarry Movie Mode will let you do just that. Playing with Movie Mode on lets you change some options at the outset, like how you want characters to act in certain situations and whether you want everyone to survive or not, then renders the on-screen narrative as you've dictated. Given that these games don't tend to focus on gameplay, the Movie Mode makes quite a lot of sense. The Movie Mode will also come with a fun Gorefest option that lets you crank up the blood and gore for a true grindhouse cinema tribute (although this bonus is limited to buying the Deluxe Edition).

Here's how it'll work. In essence, if you select Movie Mode, you'll be given three options at the outset: Everyone Lives, Everyone Dies, and Director's Chair. The first two options are fairly self-explanatory; they'll make the characters act in a way that ensures they all either live or die. If you choose Director's Chair, though, you'll get to tweak more specific aspects of their personalities, like how they act under pressure, in fight-or-flight situations, or during conversations. The game isn't immediately obvious about how those choices will affect whether they live or die, so you'll have to watch/play the story to find out. Still, at least if you hate all of the characters and want them all to die (or love them all and want them to live), now you can get there without worrying about individual choices throughout the game.

A group of characters in The Quarry
If you'd rather watch The Quarry than play it, Supermassive Games has you covered.

If you're not into the idea of watching The Quarry but you want to tone down some of the challenge, Supermassive has allowed for that as well. Accessibility options aren't just for major triple-A games; Supermassive's interactive drama games are also hoping to help gamers of all persuasions enjoy them. There's a color blindness setting, for example, and you'll also find options to simplify the game's quicktime events and turn down its button-mashing tendencies. There's also an aim assist feature and a way to turn down the QTE speed if you want to keep them on but want a bit more of a lenient timer on them. All in all, it looks like Supermassive is doing a lot of work to help you make The Quarry your own.

What is The Quarry?

The Quarry is the latest interactive horror drama from The Dark Pictures and Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games. It's something of a spiritual successor to Until Dawn, pitting several hapless teenagers against "blood-drenched locals and something far more sinister", according to Supermassive. Like the developer's other titles, it'll focus heavily on choice-based gameplay, letting you make choices at pivotal story moments and changing the story later on to reflect those choices. If you like any of The Dark Pictures games (as TechRaptor did) or Until Dawn, this one will be right up your street.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, a previous Supermassive game
The Quarry comes to us from the developers of The Dark Pictures anthology games.

You'll be able to enjoy The Quarry when it launches for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on June 10th. If you pre-order the game now, you'll get access to a few extra features, including instant access to the Death Rewind function, which lets you go back to the moment before a character's death and change things (assuming you're not in the Everybody Lives Movie Mode, of course). Pre-ordering also nets you some extra outfits and a few visual filters that change the aesthetic of the game to pay homage to old-school horror.