QuakeCon Teams Up with Charities To Shoot Down World Problem

Published: July 19, 2019 1:30 PM /


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Gaming has become an increasingly prominent place for charities to raise money, and QuakeCon has been a supporter of charity and gaming for a while. This year, dubbed QuakeCon: Year of Doom to celebrate Doom's anniversary, is no exception with no less than six charities hosted by id Software and Bethesda Softworks.

The American Red Cross is no stranger to QuakeCon and they return with the Youngblood drive to be held on July 26 and 27th between 10 AM and 5 PM. Seeking blood during the important summer months, they are asking folks to either sign up online or onsite at Fort Worth Rooms 1 and 2. Those who donate blood will be entered to win a Wolfenstein: Youngblood-themed PC provided by Corsair, and to tie further into Youngblood, they are offering a bonus for those who bring a friend - if you and a friend give blood you both get two raffle tickets!


1UpOnCancer is aiming their shots at cancer and they seek to provide financial assistance to adults undergoing cancer treatment. They'll be holding a silent auction at booth 147, but Bethesda is also joining in on the action. At the Bethesda booth, if you sign up and play Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter and come in the top 10 Bethesda will donate $76 to 1UpOnCancer, up to $10 000. Yes, that means you'll have to play Fallout 76, but it's for a good cause.

Staying closer to home for id Software, Dallas Pets Alive! is a non-profit that promotes adoption and provides resources, education, and programs to eliminate the killing of companions animals. At booth 139, you'll be able to find some good boys and girls who are looking for some nice forever homes. Furthermore, to support Dallas Pets Alive! at QuakeCon: Year of Doom, attendees who donate at least $15 to the charity will get a shirt featuring a dog in Doom gear or a cat in Rage 2 equipment. These shirts will also be available to purchase from home with a link during the keynote with all proceeds going to the charity.

But that's not all - they've also invited streamers to play a variety of Bethesda games live from a dog pen with the various good boys and girls up for adoption. That's right - these streams will feature all the dog action you want to see while shooting or slash at enemies - though I suggest avoiding Wolfenstein 3D during the event. Finally, to help some of those dogs find homes, Elder Scrolls Online will be sponsoring three of the dogs covering adoption costs, providing a themed bandana, toy, and profile for the dog, along with a copy of Elder Scrolls Online for the owner that they won't have any time to play.

quakecon year of doom dog and cat shirts

Anime for Humanity is attending at booth 154, and they hand out therapy kits and provide mental health resources to over 10 000 people. With their knowledge of anime as well, they are sponsoring and judging this year's cosplay event.

Not far off at booth 149, you'll find Stack Up working to bring civilians and veterans together in a shared love of video games. They'll be raffling off a variety of items in support of their cause, which includes providing games to service members and working to promote suicide prevention, particularly among veterans with their Stack Up Overwatch Program.


Last but not least, Gamers Outreach will be at booth 151. They are an organization that works to help kids undergoing treatment inside hospitals by providing them with the equipment, technology, and software to experience video games and entertainment when they are unable to leave their rooms at a hospital. They are running a new and used console and game drive, seeking devices for their Gamers Outreach Kart (or GO Kart), a portable, medical-grade gaming kiosk nurses can use to transport video games inside hospitals. If you have any extra games or consoles you don't need or want, this could be a great way to put a smile on a face.

Pete Hines is enthusiastic about the line up of charities, sharing, "Each year, the QuakeCon community comes together in amazing ways, offering their support to a variety of charities, whether that’s giving money, or even, giving their own blood for the good of others. This is one of the best parts of QuakeCon and this year’s event offers even more creative ways to do good, from pet adoption live streams to Fallout 76 charity fundraisers and much more.”


QuakeCon: Year of Doom is running July 25th through July 28th and in Grapevine Texas. It is free to attend and the keynote event will be streamed live on Friday, July 26th.

What do you think of the line up of charities at QuakeCon: Year of Doom? Would you choose the Doom Dog or Ranger Cat? Let us know in the comments below!



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