Quake Update 3 Adds Accessibility Features

Published: April 20, 2022 4:38 PM /


Quake Update 3 Accessibility Features cover

Quake Update 3 has arrived, adding several new accessibility features to the classic first-person shooter alongside new Horde Mode maps, bug fixes, and more.

Last year's reveal of Quake Remastered (including some cool cut content) was a surprise for fans of first-person shooters and boomer shooters alike. Since then, we've seen a handful of updates to this classic shooter and epic mods like the Quake 4 Demake. The devs behind this revival have taken things a step further with the latest update, adding a suite of accessibility options to make it easier for more people to enjoy the game.

Quake Update 3 Accessibility Features menu
The new accessibility features are activated by default but can be easily turned off with a single change in the options menu.

What's New in Quake Update 3?

The most prominent addition in Quake Update 3 is a number of new accessibility features, though that's far from the only change in today's update.

Here are the new Quake accessibility features:

  • Disable/Enable All Settings - Turn all accessibility options on or off. On by default.
  • High Contrast - Changes the default text field backgrounds to improve User Interface legibility
  • Alternate Typeface - Changes the original in-game font to a more modern one for improved legibility
  • Read Chat Out Loud - Converts incoming multiplayer text chat into a synthesized voice
  • Transcribe Voice Chat- Converts incoming voice chat to text in the multiplayer chat window
  • Speak For Me in Voice Chat - Converts outgoing multiplayer text chat into a synthesized voice audible to other players
    • Voice profiles can be selected from the Accessibility menu when connected to an online multiplayer session
    • Text-to-Speech menu narration is not supported

In addition to these accessibility features, this update also adds three new Horde Mode maps, a handful of quality-of-life changes, and a bunch of bug fixes and smaller changes.

You can read about all of the new goodies in the full Quake Update 3 patch notes. If you haven't yet played this classic shooter, you can buy Quake Remastered for PC via Steam at the price of $9.99 or your regional equivalent.