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Published: September 28, 2017 5:10 PM /


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Supergiant Games announced that a new update for Pyre is out today for free on PC, and is scheduled to come out soon on PlayStation 4. The update, called the True Nightwing update, will bring a new game plus option to the action game/visual novel. On top of this new option, the update will also add over two hours of additional music to the Pyre soundtrack in the form of two bonus albums.

On top of all this, you can currently get Pyre for 25% off now until October 2nd on Steam.

The centerpiece of this Pyre update is certainly the new game+ mode. However, unlike in most new game+ modes, you do not get to keep all of your experience and items in your second playthrough of the game. Instead, successive playthroughs of the campaign will have certain modifiers that will seemingly make the game more difficult while still allowing you a clean slate at the start to experiment with different choices in order to get different endings and experience new dialogue options.

Below is the complete list of modifications the mode brings, as listed in a Supergiant Games blog post:

· Base difficulty same as Heightened · All Titan Stars unlocked, and some must be used · Enlightenment required to rank up re-scaled · Cannot load checkpoints or restart Rites · Book of Rites and White Lute fully unlocked · Slugmarket inventory fully unlocked · Feats of Glory introduced much sooner · Note: Once chosen, this setting cannot be changed

Also, this mode will allow you to skip most of the early game tutorials, which makes sense considering you probably don't need them if it's your second or third playthrough.

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This new mode seems like the perfect way to jump back into Pyre and try for a different ending.

As for the extended soundtrack, the update will bring two bonus albums to the soundtrack, adding over two hours of music, according to the post.

The White Lute album features acoustic versions of many of the songs in Pyre. These are the song versions you would hear in your interactions with the white lute lying in the wagon in-game. The second bonus album, the Black Mandolin, features eight different versions of the song "Never to Return." That means one version of the song for every group of triumvirates you compete against. "Never to Return" is the song sung during each liberation rite in-game.

If you purchased the Pyre soundtrack already, the bonus tracks will automatically be added with the update. Supergiant Games also posts the music to all their games on their YouTube channel, so you can check out the new albums there, too.


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