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humble war gamez bundle

The Humble War Gamez Bundle is here featuring a bunch of war games.

The Pay What You Want tier opens up with Panzer Corps, a turn-based strategy set in World War 2 on a hex-based map. Take command of the general in charge of the Axis armies are you control over 800 distinct unit types split across 20 unit classes. If you're keen on a greater challenge, you can hop into the game's multiplayer to go up against a human opponent. The Pay What You Want Tier also includes the Panzer Corps: Allied Corps DLC which has you commanding the Western Allies in the European theatre. The game and the included DLC include over 50 scenarios of strategic World War 2 combat.

Mercenary Kings: Reloaded Edition is a 2D platformer that has you taking command of the Mercenary Kings, a ragtag bunch of soldiers who are out to fight against the evil forces of CLAW. Craft specialist equipment ranging from high-powered rifles to weaponized electric guitars as you sabotage enemy equipment, capture important targets, and rescue hostages in a game that will be a familiar comfort to Contra and Metal Slug fans alike.

Insurgency is a military first-person shooter that leans much more heavily towards the realism side of the equation. You won't be firing off a tactical nuke after killing 25 enemies in this game, that's for sure. Carefully advance with your allies and provide suppressing fire to capture the objective - running and gunning is the surest path to failure in Insurgency.


8-Bit Armies offers up colorful real-time strategy action for fans of military games.

The Pay More Than The Average tier begins with Day of Infamy Deluxe Editiona first-person shooter set in World War 2. Play as either the United States Army, Commonwealth Forces, or Wehrmacht in 10 maps set across Western and Southern Europe. Players can select from 9 different classes and play in 10 different objective-based game modes.

Gloria Victis is certainly a war game, although this title is from the era of swords and shields rather than tommy guns and tanks. Play as either the Midlanders of the vast green lands, the Ismirs from the icy North, or the warriors of the Azerbian Empire in your quest for glory!

8-Bit Armies is the final game in the Pay More Than The Average tier. This colorful real-time strategy has you taking command of retro-style troops and bases in a fast-paced and accessible RTS experience. Play through the 25 offline campaign missions solo or hop into one of the 10 co-op missions with a friend, and you can go for the ultimate challenge of facing other players in one of the game's 10 multiplayer/skirmish maps that support 8 players simultaneously.

Finally, the Pay $10 Or More tier has but a single title in this particular bundle: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Digital Deluxe EditionThe brutally-realistic gameplay of Red Orchestra has been translated to the Vietnam War. Use one of over 30 authentic period-accurate weapons in massive 64-player battles. The Digital Deluxe Edition features Camouflaged Boonie Hats for both factions as Exclusive Content. Both sides of the war will also get early unlocks as part of this edition; the United States Army/Marines will receive the Lowland ERDL Camouflaged Helmet & Darkhorse Pilot Helmet and the North Vietnamese will receive the Camouflaged Ushanka & Headscarf.

Additionally, subscribers of Humble Monthly (which this month has Destiny 2 as the early unlock) get $2 store credit if they purchase the $10 or more level.

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That's it for the Humble War Gamez Bundle! this particular bundle is modestly-sized (and modestly-priced), but it features a good variety of war games across all genres. If you think you would enjoy playing any of these titles, head on over to the bundle's page to pick it up for yourself! You have just over 12 days left to grab the Humble War Gamez Bundle.

What do you think of the Humble War Gamez Bundle? Are there any particular standout titles in the bunch? Let us know in the comments below!

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