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Published: June 12, 2019 2:38 PM /


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Sometimes you have to just become an influencer. The newest watch dogs game is coming to Steam. In the latest expansion to the Watch Dogs Universe (WDU), players take the role of a budding freelancing FaceBark or Instagrrm photographer.  You will "take photos for fame, fortune, or just plain fun" in Pupperazzi. Developer and publisher Sundae Month plans to release Pupperazzi sometime in 2019. Not to be confused with mainline WDU canon game Watch Dogs: Legion, which will release early next March and feature exactly zero dogs to watch. 2019 sure is a wild year and I can't say I support that design decision.



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Just think, you could take photos of this dog! This boy! Right here! Look at him! He's perfect!


Gameplay is similar to Nintendo's Pokemon Snap, though it lacks the Nintendo 64 classic's rails. Players dodge and weave through crowds and urban architecture while lining up that candid canine shot. While Pupperazzi has, at best, a tenuous connection to the rest of the WDU, it retains a few links to the series. For instance, it is possible to occasionally jump in the original Watch Dogs. In Pupperazzi, you can double-jump and slow time while taking photos. Both games also feature buildings and people, which are, of course, secondary to the dogs. Dogs which aren't in Watch Dogs: Legion.


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Players may have the option to pray for this really sick boy.


Of course, no Facebark or Instagrrm influencer is complete without a crowd. Pupperazzi features local multiplayer so that multiple people can, in fact, watch dogs. Compete to get the most likes (or just the best dog photos). It will also allow multiple types of multiplayer matches, whether that means more dogs, more people in the way of said dogs, and a multitude of other options. Check out the trailer below from Sundae Month if you just want to watch some dogs.

Disclosure: Pupperazzi is not actually in any way associated with Ubisoft's Watch Dogs, which in its latest entry will not have dogs for you to watch




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