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Punch-Out!! Meets Pumpkinhead in Creepy Brawlers

Gaming article by Alex Santa Maria on November 6, 2017 at 5:13 PM

The greater gaming community is very good about keeping old platforms alive. Releases like the string of SHUMPs that bolstered the Dreamcast's lineup after its early demise keep fans excited and reignite the hunt for collectors. Despite being originally released in 1983, the original Nintendo Entertainment System is still seeing occasional new releases to this day, the latest of which is Creepy Brawlers by Mega Cat Studios.


Longtime readers may remember the Crowdfunding Spotlight we did regarding Coffee Crisis, another modern retro release from the studio. That Kickstarter was successful, and plans have moved forward for other releases, including the horror-themed boxing game we're here to talk about.

Featuring a wonderful set of chiptunes that you can purchase on a separate NES cart release called Creeping it RealCreepy Brawlers pits our diminutive boxer against grey aliens, knife-wielding brides, and a killer wearing a hockey mask. Considering how similar some games can be within the same genre nowadays, it's kind of neat to see a studio adapt one of Nintendo's 8-bit classics with a unique gimmick.


Creepy Brawlers Box
The unique Creepy Brawlers cartridge

Of course, releasing a game on a custom cartridge doesn't come cheap, so you shouldn't be surprised to see this NES release priced at $60. If the novelty of owning a 2017 NES game is enough for you to shell that out, the game is available now from Mega Cat's website.


Quick Take

I was happy to rediscover Mega Cat Studios through the announcement of Creepy Brawlers, and even more pleased that they've been releasing games at a steady clip since I last checked in. In addition to the two games mentioned above, their output has included a presidential brawler and a role-playing game that you play using your NES, a stack of cards and a twenty-sided die. It's great to see studios with a unique vision carve a path in the gaming industry, and you can expect more coverage of their NES exploits from us.

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