Punch Dudes So Hard They Explode In Spartan Fist, Launching May 15th

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spartan fist

"First-person puncher" Spartan Fist launches May 15th on Steam, developer Glass Bottom Games has confirmed. A press release, given by Glass Bottom Games, gives the game's release date, as well as outlining a few of the game's unique features and gameplay mechanics.

In Spartan Fist, players take control of Emma Jones, a down-and-out detective looking for a quick cash fix. Jones enters the arena in search of the titular Spartan Fist, the "ultimate prize". The game is technically a continuation of the story of Jones and Franky, the central characters in Glass Bottom Games' previous titles (infinite runner Jones On Fire and Metroidvania-style adventure Hot Tin Roof: The Cat that Wore a Fedora). If you haven't quite had time to catch up with those games, though, don't worry; Spartan Fist will likely not require any previous knowledge to understand its storyline. That said, there is a (typically idiosyncratic) "sing-along cinematic trailer" up on Glass Bottom's YouTube account right now, which you can check out here.

The press release also coincided with a new trailer, uploaded to the official Glass Bottom Games YouTube account. This trailer further demonstrates the game's aesthetic, as well as its fast-paced "first-person puncher" gameplay. Check out the trailer here:


The trailer shows off Glass Bottom Games' signature blocky art style, while the gameplay will allow players to move in full 3D space (a first for Glass Bottom, whose games are usually 2.5D sidescrollers). Gameplay-wise, Spartan Fist offers fully procedurally-generated arenas which are different each time the game is restarted, as well as a number of different fist weapons for the player including "the rock fist, bandage fist, or kitty fist" which will change the way the player punches. In the aforementioned press release, Glass Bottom promises a "whimsically punky and gritty roguelike with a limitless skill ceiling" which "juxtaposes gory violence with vibrant voxel characters". The trailer certainly reinforces that.

Spartan Fist releases worldwide May 15th for $14.99 on Steam.

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