PUBG PC Version Adds New Vehicle, Weapon, Console Version Grows Closer To Parity

Published: June 29, 2019 9:47 AM /


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PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) received big substantial updates for both PC and console versions this past week.

The PC update brings a new vehicle, a new weapon, a new ledge grab mechanic a number of skins and items, and additions.

PUBG PC Patch Update #30 Changes and Additions

  • The BRDM-2 amphibious vehicle has been added. It can only be called in as a special care package with the flare gun and replaces the armored UAZ.
  • The Deagle handgun has been added and is now PUBG’s strongest pistol, dealing 62 damage. The red-dot sight, holographic sight, various magazines, and the laser sight are compatible with the Deagle. It spawns on all maps.
  • Players can now ledge grab, allowing for more maneuverability by climbing obstacle up to 2.5 meters high.
  • Gas cans deal can now explode, dealing damage to all players within the blast radius.
  • Players can now communicate with their team through the new “radio message” system by opening a radial wheel to ping locations, items and spot enemies for their team.
  • A new limited-time “Survival Supply System” lets players earn more Battle Points (BP) by providing daily and weekly missions to complete. The system will be active until July 24. Rewards for completing missions range from 200 BP to 1500 BP.
  • A number of new skins and items have been added.
  • A replay system has been added.
  • Custom Match Esports mode has a new preset available as well as new options for sorting players and creating custom games.
  • New Emblem animations have been added, as well as changes to options for viewing and equipping weapon charms.
  • A number of UI/UX changes have been made.
  • Performance improvements.
The console update brings a new form of progression for players, map marker features, and some other gameplay refinements listed below:

Console Update Changes and Additions

  • Weapon mastery has been added. It provides a new way for players to improve their weapon skills.
  • The map now has six marker options.
  • Erangel loot spawning has been rebalanced, with increased spawn rates of AR, DMR and SR.
  • Vikendi loot spawning has been rebalanced too.  The blue zone has been adjusted as well as increased spawn rates of AR, DMR and SR.
  • Attachments will auto-equip upon being picked up.
  • The featured map is now Sanhok.
PUBG's Erangel Visual Update will release later this summer.
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