PUBG Has Revamped Vikendi With New Dinoland and More

Published: April 14, 2020 10:20 AM /


Vikendi is Back in PUBG

Vikendi, one of the maps of the eternally popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (or just PUBG for short) is coming back to the game.

PUBG Corporation has updated Vikendi's terrain, adjusted its snow levels more than once, changed cities and landmarks, added a multi-track railway system to help players navigate the island, and then changed Dinopark into Dinoland, the Prehistoric Park of the Future! because attendance is down and they need more revenue coming in, dammit.

There will also be a new survivor pass, called Survivor Pass: Cold Front, which will make available new missions, rewards, and a look into the history of the island's "ill-fated" past. Merchandise will also be available, such as being able to dress up as Alex the T-Rex. For those who are collect-a-holics, there are over 100 rewards to unlock, so that should keep you busy for a day.

Dinopark vs Dinoland PUBG

There will also be a few more additions and subtractions. For instance, the Moonlight variant of the map has been removed for now, which means that the map will either be Clear or Snowy. Snowbikes and Snowmobiles have also been removed, with a Motorcycle and Motorcycle with sidecar spawning instead. The Survival Tittle System is being removed with this update, in preparation for a new system that's coming soon alongside PUBG's new Competitive Mode.

Last but not least, the Mosin Nagant has been added to the game. It's basically just a Kar-98, but it sounds and looks different, which is cool I guess.

For those who want to read the full update patch notes, be sure to go here.

Quick Take

People love to shit all over this game, but I've always enjoyed it as a casual experience. Is it the greatest thing since sliced bread? No, but there is still nothing quite like PUBG and I've never really found anything else that mixes it's arcadey-realism with its mechanics. It all but invented the genre, too, and while Fortnite has long surpassed it PUBG is still going strong. I mean, it's sold over 30 million units for a reason. If PUBG keeps receving large updates like this one, there's no reason not to think it won't be around for years to come.

What do you think of this news? Do you still play PUBG? Do you play another game in the genre over PUBG? Let us know in the comments!


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