Krafton Announces Game Based On Pioneering Korean Fantasy Series

Published: August 8, 2022 10:04 AM /


The cast of the new Krafton game based on The Bird That Drinks Tears

The Bird That Drinks Tears is apparently a hugely influential fantasy title in Korea, to the extent that Krafton, the PUBG developer, is creating a game based on it. That's probably not a sentence you expected to read when you woke up today, but it's true: Krafton is dipping its toes outside of PUBG to create a game based on a book that apparently pioneered the Korean fantasy genre.

Krafton has brought in concept artist Ian McCaig, who has worked on early character visualizations for Star Wars characters as well as working on massive franchises like The Avengers, Harry Potter, and Terminator. It is his work that will "serve as the visual direction of the project", and fans of the books can already see his interpretation of the novel's four distinct races: Human, Rekkon, Tokebi and Nhaga.  

What do we know about PUBG developer Krafton's new game?

As for The Bird That Drinks Tears, the series has two volumes right now and is inspired by East Asian myths. The story has three of the races having to deal with the Nhaga, who occupy the southern part of the world's continent and have been plotting against the rest of the world. The world itself is based on Korean myths and features creations inspired by creatures from Korean folklore, as well as more playful creations. Rekkon, for instance, are giant chickens that apparently love the taste of tears, at least if you were to go by the book's title.

A Rekkon from the new Krafton game based on The Bird That Drinks Tears
KFC definitely doesn't exist in this world.

The antagonists, the Nhaga, are reptiles that are forced to live in the south due to their sensitivity to both the environment and temperature; they cannot tolerate the cold of the North. They are also semi-immortal when they remove their heart and don't speak with a voice, instead communicating with something called a "Neam", which is a pretty interesting concept.

Last but not least, the Tokebi race comes from the Korean tradition of the goblin, and is non-aggressive and playful. If Tokebi die, they can live an eternal life as an Orusin, which we might eventually see in Krafton's upcoming game. We'll have to wait and see. 

If you'd like to know more, the website has a lot of information available. For more on Krafton, PUBG, and everything in between, stay tuned to TechRaptor.


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