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An announcement regarding the terrifying P.T. Silent Hills demo at TGS 2014 is being live streamed on the official Konami Youtube in 10 minutes as of the time of writing.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fA9k-cjEYM]

For those who are unaware, P.T. was the secret Silent Hills teaser thrown onto the PlayStation Store some weeks ago. Under the guise of a fake indie studio name, the game was presented as a typical first person horror game. Upon completion of the teaser, players were treated to Norman Reedus's beautiful mug, and a short trailer for Silent Hills, directed by Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima. Let's plays around YouTube quickly fanned the flames and fan sites banded together to rip the teaser apart in search of clues pertaining to the next Silent Hill game.

It is unknown what details may surface for fans of Silent Hill. Considering the ridiculous amount of speculation and findings from the playable teaser itself, it's guaranteed to be something juicy. Despite the lack of translation available, it seems the majority of viewers in the YouTube chat are English speaking fans.

Konami has yet to tweet out about the upcoming live stream from TGS 2014. We can only assume they are too busy tweeting about Metal Gear Solid announcements. Will a release date be announced? Only time will tell.

After sharing P.T. with a lot of friends, I'm really excited to see what Kojima and his team have in store. I will update this as soon as the live stream starts with whatever details may come out of it.

Update: Hideo Kojima tweeted the start of the stream. Seems to be starting 20 minutes later than expected.

Officially started! And there's no translation.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gY91vV0rWr4]

P.T. concept movie was shown. Trailer now linked above. Looks like a school setting. A giant humanoid monster down a hallway. A door that leads to what looks like hell. Then BAM! Silent Hills splash. No game play or release dates yet.

Later on, they show people playing P.T. and getting scared out of their wits. Can confirm, was also crazy scared.

They show an odd test playing tent, for maximum poop expulsion as part of their QA testing I'd imagine.

They show the trailer from the end of teaser, just in case you didn't see it already. Didn't seem to be anything new. Dissapointed!

Guillermo Del Toro appears! Gives details on how he met Kojima. Confirms that graphics were toned down in the teaser to fool people into thinking it was a smaller team. Tells us to stayed tuned!

It's over. No release date mentioned unless I missed it. Other than the new trailer it was rather underwhelming. Will have to wait for a translation to squeeze out any more details.

For those interested, a summarised translation of the stage show can be viewed here (credit to http://zombellanna.tumblr.com)



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