PSA: HeroWarz Goes On Hiatus March 26

Published: March 24, 2017 2:30 PM /



Action RPG HeroWarz will be going on hiatus for at least a year on March 26 according to an announcement made on the game's official website in January of 2017.

HeroWarz is an anime-esque Action RPG developed by A.Storm and published by KOG Games. KOG Games mainly focuses on publishing Korean games for a Western audience such as ElswordHeroWarz entered open beta in late June of 2016.

KOG Games is officially calling this the "Pause of HeroWarz". They are taking the game down for approximately a year to rework and retool existing content to make a better balanced game. In the interim, they have no plans to release any new characters or content prior to the relaunch. KOG Games expects that the game will relaunch sometime in early 2018 with whatever improvements they have made.

An F.A.Q. addresses some potential player concerns about the service pause for the game. Unfortunately, many of the answers state that these concerns will be addressed at a later date. As best as I can tell, these questions have not yet been answered publicly. Many a game has gone on hiatus and never returned, so this might be your last chance to check out the Western version of the game if things go south. As it stands, you have a couple of days left to check out HeroWarz before the game goes away for a little while. If you happen to be an Elsword player, KOG Games is running a cross-promotion between the two titles where you can earn some neat items in Elsword - so you might want to take advantage of that event while you still can!

Quick Take

I played HeroWarz for quite a bit when it initially launched. I was quite burned out on ARPGs by then thanks to thousands of hours in Diablo II as well as hundreds of hours in Torchlight and Path of Exile, but I nonetheless found it an engaging experience. I hope to see the game return, and if you like this style of game at all I think you should take the opportunity to check it out while you still can. I do hope it comes back, because I really did quite enjoy the little bit of it that I played!

Have you had a chance to play HeroWarz? Will you be taking the opportunity to check the game out before it goes on a temporary pause for a year? Do you think the game will come back after the hiatus? Let us know in the comments below!


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