PSA: Heroes Of The Storm Mega Bundles End May 29

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Heroes Of The Storm Bundles

Blizzard Entertainment's spin on the MOBA genre Heroes of the Storm is currently giving away 20 heroes for free in a Mega Bundle, but you won't have much longer to get your hands on one - the bundles are going away on May 29th as stated on the game's official Twitter.

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA that blends characters from Blizzard Entertainments's major IPs. OverwatchStarcraftWarcraft, and Diablo all have characters of varying popularities in the game. The main characters from The Lost Vikings (one of the company's earliest original IPs alongside Rock n' Roll Racing) feature as well. Characters have gradually been added to the game since its initial release in June 2015, and now there are a total of 66 playable characters in the game.

As with many other MOBAs, there's typically a few characters available as free-to-play heroes in a rotating system. Players can typically unlock additional heroes by spending in-game currency earned through normal gameplay, receiving them from loot boxes, or buying them with real money. The return of the Nexus Challenge last month meant that many players would be returning to the game after a long break or playing it for the very first time. Fortunately, players are able to jump start their roster through the acquisition of a free Mega Bundle.

There are four Mega Bundles in total. Although they technically cost in-game currency, accounts were credited the exact price of one bundle so that players could choose whichever one was to their liking. Each of the four bundles is mutually exclusive and are divided up by themes. The Assassin Bundle has a focus on, well, Assassins - characters that excel at dealing direct damage, often in flanking or ranged roles. The Support & Specialist bundle has a boatload of healers as well as a few tanks and utility characters. The Tanks & Bruisers bundle focuses on tanks and straightforward damage dealers. Finally, the Flex Bundle contains a mix of characters across multiple roles; if you're indecisive about the sort of role you would like to play it might just be the optimal choice for you.

With the second Nexus Challenges/Overwatch crossover event having concluded less than a week ago, this will be your last opportunity to grab one of these bundles if you haven't already. If you enjoy playing MOBAs at all you should consider loading up the game and getting your hands on one while you can. You can also take a peek at the Heroes of the Storm Mega Bundles page to read up on it some more. The Mega Bundles will be available until May 29th.

What do you think of Heroes of the Storm? Do you think the Mega Bundles provide adequate variety for players to kickstart their roster if they're just starting out or returning after a long absence? What's your favorite MOBA out there today? Let us know in the comments below!

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