PS5 Price Hike Announced For Some Regions

Published: August 25, 2022 8:12 AM /


A shot of the PS5 and its DualSense controller against a white background, intended to represent the PS5 price hike

Sony has announced a PS5 price hike in certain regions. The company says it's made this "difficult decision", which notably won't apply to the USA, as a result of increasingly difficult economic conditions, describing the move as "a necessity".

What's the reason for this PS5 price hike?

Over on the official PlayStation blog, Sony says that "challenging economic conditions" have led to this PS5 price hike. The company names high inflation around the world and falling currency values as the main reasons for the price increase. If you're buying a PS5 in certain markets, including Europe, China, and Canada, then you're going to notice a price hike. Curiously, the United States doesn't seem to be affected, and Sony doesn't give a reason for why that might be.

The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition next to one another with two DualSense controllers as a representation of the PS5 price hike
Both models of the PS5 will be subject to this price hike in some regions.

Here are all the regions where the PS5 price hike applies, as well as the new RRP in those regions. Be sure to make a note of your region if it's on the list and you're yet to pick up a PS5.

  • Europe: €549.99 for the PS5, €449.99 for the Digital Edition
  • UK: £479.99 for the PS5, £389.99 for the Digital Edition
  • Japan (from September 12th): ¥60,478 yen for the PS5, ¥49,478 yen for the Digital Edition
  • China: ¥4,299 yuan for the PS5, ¥3,499 yuan for the Digital Edition
  • Australia: AUD $799.95 for the PS5, AUD $649.95 for the Digital Edition
  • Mexico: MXN $14,999 for the PS5, MXN $12,499 for the Digital Edition
  • Canada: CAD $649.99 for the PS5, CAD $519.99 for the Digital Edition

It's important to note that this price hike doesn't apply to PS5 games, nor does it apply to PS5 accessories. It appears that only the core console itself is affected, so if you're in the market for a new DualSense or a Pulse 3D headset, then you should expect to pay the same as you normally would.

What about PS5 supply? Is it improving?

In the blog, Sony says that its key priority is still improving PS5 supply around the world. The console's sales certainly haven't been too shabby since launch, but gamers are still regularly complaining that PS5 stock sells out extremely quickly when it arrives on retailers' websites, so it's still very difficult to actually get a PS5. Sony says it wants to improve PS5 supply in time for the 2022 holiday season, but given that shortages are continuing around the world (and that the economic situation is volatile, as Sony itself has pointed out), we're not sure how likely that is to happen.

Garuda looking triumphant as she faces off against Ifrit in Final Fantasy XVI
The PS5 price hike doesn't apply to PS5 games like the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI, nor does it apply to accessories.

There doesn't seem to be any kind of price hike on the horizon for the USA, so if you're trying to spot an available US PS5, then it should be business as usual for you. In the meantime, current PS5 owners have plenty to look forward to in the future. System software continues to improve, with a recent beta update adding 1440p capabilities to the console, and there are plenty of upcoming console exclusives to look forward to as well, like action RPG Forspoken and...uh...action RPG Final Fantasy XVI. We'll bring you more on this as we get it.


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