PS4 Masamune Update Announced

The PS4 Masamune update is on its way to bring some much-needed features to the 8th gen console to bring it in line with the Xbox One feature-wise.

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It’s that time of year when console companies are trying to convince you that their console is worth buying now. The PS4 is releasing its 2.0 upgrade, codenamed Masamune, to compete with the recent Xbox One Updates and provide a better experience. As one would expect of a full version update, Masamune includes a lot of things, and Sony isn’t letting all of it out of the bag until tomorrow when it officially goes live but has released some notes on what the biggest parts of the update will be.

New Features Coming in PS4 Masamune Update

  • Shareplay is one of the more anticipated features of 2.0 and has 3 different parts to it. The first is the only one that doesn’t require Playstation Plus, and that’s allowing a friend to spectate on the screen and watch what is going on. The second is passing over a controller to a friend, and letting them play for a while. They do not need to own the game, or have Playstation Plus, but you need to have Plus, and of course the game. The last mode is one that requires you both to have Playstation Plus and you can ‘invite’ your friend over to take up another controller for a local multiplayer game. Your friend doesn’t need to own the game though allowing you to share it just as if he/she had come over to your place.
  • Youtube Uploading is a new addition to make video sharing easier and it comes with some simple trimming tools in addition to the PS4’s video editor.
  • Live Broadcasting Enhancements are several in nature. First of all, your friends can now be found in a nice featured area so that it’s easy to find people you want to see videos of. Speaking of that – you can now follow broadcasters by clicking the heart icon beneath their video, and that will store the fact that you love them. In fact, it knows you love them so much it will even let you watch archived streams from them! Oh and so they can show their love, they’ll now be able to send messages to their beloved spectators.
  • Themes and Colours are out so that now you and your friend can show each other what your screens look like and get into matches with your Xbox One owning friend about how has the cooler background.
  • USB Music Player, now you no longer need a separate device to play your own music on your own PS4 from a USB! WOAH!
  • Quality of Life Enhancements. New voice commands are in, pausing and resuming downloads, better party and invitation screens and a lot of cleaning up in general of the user interface.

Also coming out is an update for the PS Vita and PS TV, including 4 player remote support for the PS TV. A new updated for the playstation app is also coming out with improved user interface.

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