The PS4 Has Sold 60 Million Units

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Recently, Sony Corporation's Consolidated Financial Results for the last Fiscal Year (which was from April 1 to March 31 2017) were published, and it's not as rosy as one might think.

Overall, Sony's Sales and operating revenue was ¥7,603.3, ($67,886,000) or -6.2% from the prior year's Fiscal Year, which came in at ¥8,105.7, ($72,500,000).

However, the Game & Network Services Division was a bright spot for Sony, with 6.3% increase in sales to 1,649.8 billion yen (14,730 million U.S. dollars). It was noted that it was primarily PS4 software sales, as while there was an increase in PS4 hardware sales, it was partially offset by the foreign exchange rate and the general price reduction on PS4 hardware.

In 2017, Sony predicts that its Game & Network Services Division to improve even further, with a 17% increase during this Fiscal Year.

The PlayStation 4 was also noted to have crossed the 60 million units sold barrier, with Sony predicting a further 18 million PS4's being sold during this current fiscal year, which will end April 18, 2018. Coincidentally, this puts the PS4 within spitting distance of the lifetime units sold of the PlayStation 3, which sold 80 million units worldwide.


Quick Take

Not at all surprising, but it looks as though Sony is getting things under control. It's certainly not the PS4's fault that Sony is doing poorly - you can blame its Pictures and Mobile Communications for that, among others. Sony's gaming division is something that will only continue to gain further momentum, which is something that is only a good thing for the Console market. Great games are great games after all, and the PS4's systematic decimation of the Xbox One has led to the Xbox Scorpio, which by all accounts is a Console which will undoubtedly provide a more powerful experience for those who are waiting for Xbox to step up to the plate.

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