PS4 Error 'WS-37505-0' Has Broken Online Functionality

Published: October 14, 2020 2:52 PM /


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The PS4 Software System Update 8.00 has gone live, adding a bunch of new online functionality for console gamers to enjoy. Unfortunately, many players are finding themselves plagued by PS4 Error WS-37505-0, WS-36770-3, and WS-44369-6.

Earlier today, Sony announced PS4 Software System Update 8.00. This new version of the PS4 OS adds updates to parties and messaging, new avatars, simplified parental controls, and enhanced 2-step verification. These are all surely welcome features, but this latest update has also come with a most unwelcome side effect.

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What is PS4 Error WS-37505-0? Can It Be Fixed?

PS4 Error WS-37505-0, simply put, means that your console cannot connect to PlayStation's online services. As the Japanese PlayStation Support Twitter notes, two other error codes are also popping up and are representative of similar symptoms.

"The error code of WS-44369-6 or WS-36770-3 is displayed at, and the symptom that the online function cannot be used normally has been confirmed," reads a machine-translated tweet from the Ask PlayStation JP Twitter account. "We are working on investigation and recovery, so please wait for a while."

Online connectivity is not the only issue, however. Several players in a Reddit submission have highlighted several other problems, which include the following:

  • Can't see friends online
  • Friends list disappears entirely
  • Party Chat not working due to parental controls

One solution for the inability to see friends suggested in that discussion is to sit on the friends list and wait. It will eventually load, but moving away to another window will cause it to disappear again. This issue seems to line up with the online functionality problems that players are reporting with the PSS4 Error WS-37505-0 and others.

Aside from the online functionality troubles, several other players are saying that they are not quite fond of the new changes to the party system — especially with the changes to Communities and Events.

"Communities are huge for [Rainbow Six Siege]," read a comment from /u/cnedden. "Events are actually really useful to know what is going on."

We can't say for sure if Sony will respond to the design changes with the PS4 Software System Update 8.00. However, it has definitively stated that it's investigating these online issues and working on a fix. For now, the only remedy that PS4 players have is to wait for Sony to resolve the problem on its end.

Have you encountered PS4 Error WS-37505-0, WS-44369-6, or WS-36770-3? Do you like the changes made in the PS4 Software System Update 8.00? Let us know in the comments below!

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