PS Vita Trinity Exploit Released

Published: May 6, 2019 2:20 PM /


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A highly anticipated PS Vita exploit has been released by famed Vita hacker and vulnerability researched Andy Nguyen, also known as THE FLoW. The exploit was announced a few months ago when instruction on how to prepare ahead of time was spread across famous hacking site as well as GitHub. The new release works by exploiting a weakness in PSP and PS Minis emulated software which allows users to slip in non-official code.

The new exploit features detailed instruction which can be followed by users to modify a PSP or PS Minis title to install Trinity, which then allows users to install homebrew applications as well as backups of their own PS Vita games. Trinity is the first exploit which allows users to jailbreak a PS Vita while still running the latest firmware, although it is likely that Sony will release an update to prevent the exploit from working in the future, especially since it relies on users being able to access the PlayStation Store to download a PSP or PS Minis title for the exploit to work.

The homebrew and hacking scene are typically responsible for extending the lifetime of a defunct console after it stops being officially supported. With the Vita being announced as basically dead since Sony ended production for the device and cartridges in all regions in March of this year, Trinity may be just what the handheld needs to keep it alive for years to come. A similar effect occurred after the dropping of official support for the PSP, which was still seeing support from homebrewers for years after the console was officially counted as dead.

What do you think about the new Trinity exploit? Do you think it'll help to revitalize the dying handheld? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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