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Playstation Experience continues to reveal new games coming out in 2015 for the Playstation 4, as Sony attempts to make the most of the anniversary and celebration event. Skytorn is another of the announcements, an indie exploration heavy game by IndieHouse, of Towerfall Ascension and Night in the Woods fame.

Skytorn is a procedurally generated action/adventure platformer that takes place in the sky's of a post-apocalyptic world. Playing as Explorer Névoa, you explore alone across the various uncharted islands in the sky seeking what artifacts she can find with her shovel. Departing your small local settlement you travel the island you are on fighting monsters and searching for what can be found on your island, as the game is centered around Combat and Exploration. Seek out lost technologies, find remnants and hints of the past, enhance your shovel and fight off fearsome foes.

It is the end of an era, as the previous civilizations die their dying breathes here in the skies. They seek out survivors in air ships, make new towns to search for what they can and build cautiously, scared of what may lie around. During each game, you will go to a completely different procedurally generated island with its own secrets, stories, artifacts, and more to discover. As you travel you may find that beneath the surface there is even greater wealth and danger in the dungeons that lie there with thingsThe dungeons that lie deep within the islands pose deadly challenges but also greater rewards.

Skytorn is inspired by a broad range of games such as Spelunky, Legend of Zelda 1, Minecraft, and Dark Souls among others.

Skytorn is going to be coming out in late 2015 to PC, Mac, and Playstation 4. A trailer of it is visible below if you are interested to see more of what it looks like in its current relatively early stages.

What do you think of Skytorn? Do you think that the games industry needs another procedurally generated post-apocalyptic game, or are both of those areas getting over done? What do you think of the elevation of the shovel as a weapon in indie games lately, first in shovel knight and now in Skytorn?

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