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The Playstation Experience has shown Sony's dedication to the Playstation brand, and especially now to the Playstation 4's appearance. There have been two projects announced over the weekend that dealt especially with the Playstation 4's appearance - the first being the very limited edition Playstation 1 modeled Playstation 4's and the second being Project Skylight.

Project Skylight is not as radical an appearance change as a special edition model of the Playstation 4 is, but it is far more usable to those who already own one of the $400 devices and want to pimp them out a bit. Project Skylight is the really fancy name they are giving their personalization projects which is starting with new limited edition custom faceplates. Right now there are only two, as they are releasing them it seems to test the market but there are promises of more of them to come.

These two are custom, early previews basically and are being sold in very limited editions via the Sony site for $24.99 and in the future if the product catches on, will probably go for higher unless they do a re-release. At this point though, you probably want to know which games it is that are getting these custom faceplates right now. The first is Little Big Planet 3, which is out now, and the second is the upcoming The Order 1886.

Sony has said on it's blog, this is only the beginning of the line and that they will be showing more enhancements for the Playstation 4 in the near future as well as new faceplates. Perhaps we'll get stickers like those ones we had as kids to put on them or you can buy at the dollar store! Who doesn't want a sticker of their favourite Playstation character on their Playstation 4 forever?

What do you think of Sony's new faceplates in Project Skylight? Do you think this is part of what they were thinking of when they mentioned focusing more on the Playstation brand for making money ? Is there any game that you would like to see get its own faceplate? And what other personal touches would you be interested in getting on your own Playstation 4 from Sony?

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