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As the Playstation Experience Keynote Address drew to a close, one final announcement was yet to come, as David Jaffe took to the stage to reveal what his new studio, The Bartlet Jones Super Natural Detective Agency, had been working on; Drawn To Death, a third-person, multiplayer arena-shooter, set inside the creative notebook sketches of a high school student. David Jaffe, best known as one of the creators of the two iconic Playstation franchises "God of War" and "Twisted Metal", went on to present his new project, narrating an almost three minute long gameplay video of Drawn To Death.

Jaffe went on to explain, that the player will control one of several different characters, all with unique abilities and behaviors, in a 4 player free for all.  The matches will take place inside the doodles of a high school student's notebook, granting the developers almost unlimited freedom in map design. This unique premise is also represented in the game's visual style, which is heavily stylized and incredibly faithful to the setting, which is very violent and very creative.

Multiple character designs were shown in the gameplay video, all very unique and interesting, promising varied gameplay mechanics, depending on which character the player chooses to use, for each match.

David Jaffe described Drawn to Death as " as much of a fast paced arena shooter, as it is a tactical, thinking man's brawler" in the presentation. Playing in a more tactical way, learning enemy moves and tells, will give players an advantage in the frantic battlegrounds of Drawn To Death. The arenas will feature pick-ups and buffs galore, such as "Dodge ball Dan", the severed upper torso of an ex championship dodge ball player, allowing the player to shoot dodge balls at enemies.


Drawn to Death is a collaboration between The Bartlet Jones Detective Agency and Sony San Diego.

You can head over to the Drawn to Death website right now and sign up, for a chance to participate in "early access" the game, probably in the form of a beta. This will also give you a "super rare, super limited in game mystery item". That opportunity will expire at the end of this weekend.

Drawn to Death is currently in Pre-alpha state, and Jaffe revealed nothing along the lines of a possible release date. Drawn To Death will release, exclusively, on the Playstation 4.

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