Propnight Receives BattlEye Anti-Cheat

Published: January 19, 2022 11:16 AM /



Propnight has been receiving a decent amount of patches since its December 1, 2021 release, and its latest update, 1.0.17, might be its most significant for one reason: BattlEye anti-cheat support. Since its release, Propnight's negatives reviews have focused on issues such as its lack of proper anti-cheat support, with a developer commenting on December 23, 2021 that they were working on providing players with a "better anti-cheat", which has finally arrived as of today.

What's so special about BattlEye?

Starting out as an anti-cheat for Battlefield Vietnam back in 2004, it's now helped ban millions of people and is even coming to the Steam Deck. and it works by blocking the "vast amount of hacking and going further than most other solutions without bothering the player." How do they do that? Well, they scan your system, which is creepy, but apparently quite effective. There's an active protection that's good against small hacks, with passive protection helping against commercial cheats that some people actually subscribe to, which is bizarre.

Anyways, hacks should drop off a ton following the BattlEye implementation, but that's not the only thing added in this Propnight update. Other additions include voice commands for the Killer, fixes for bugs and glitches such as removing the possibility of the Killer being pushed backwards while a Survivor was trying to wiggle out, and fixing the possibility of losing control over Killer if stunned multiple times. 

There's also been some changes to the UI, such as when the match timer reaches zero but Survivors are repairing propmachines, they will be notified of Overtime. A message length limit has also been added, and players who've left a Quick Play Match are now shown in gray to help better differentiate them. 

All in all this looks like a solid patch, and should result in more people checking Propnight out. For more information on Propnight, stay tuned to TechRaptor.


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