Promising Survival Action RPG Enshrouded Announced

Published: May 3, 2023 11:00 AM /



Today Keen Games announced a brand new survival action RPG titled "Enshrouded." 

The game will come in 2023 for PC via Steam in early access, promising survival action RPG gameplay for up to 16 players on the same server.


While the genre is pretty crowded nowadays, the trailer showcases intriguing gameplay and a promising building system which may help the game stand out. You can check it out below. 

If you're unfamiliar with Keen Games, it's a German studio based in Frankfurt known for Portal Knights

Here's what you can expect from Enshrouded, which is set in a vast abandoned world corrupted by a mysterious fog following the downfall of a mighty kingdom. 


  • Survival & Exploration: Survive and conquer Embervale, a vast open world full of mutated creatures, mysteries and secrets to discover.
  • ARPG Combat: Play as the Flameborn and battle the Fiends, Fell and other corrupted creatures. Learn their tactical schemes, upgrade your character’s skills, and battle the hordes of enemies to dispel the Shroud.
  • Boss Battles: Face the scourges of Embervale by challenging the faction's monstrous leaders you’ll need courage and your mythical weapons to triumph from them.
  • Crafting & Base Building: Rescue legendary artisans, discover long lost recipes, and build awe-inspiring homes designed to the last detail and shape the world's terrain to your liking.
  • Character Customisation: Personalize your character and appearance, upgrade your weapons and armors in Enshrouded’s extensive crafting system.

The press release also included  a comment from Creative Director  Antony Christoulakis.

“Enshrouded is the culmination of what Keen Games dreamt of creating for years. We can’t wait to bring this to our players and to shape the future of Enshrouded together with our community.”

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