Promising Mecha Game "Project Six" Shows Base Defense Mission in New Gameplay Trailer

Published: April 2, 2023 4:07 PM /


Project Six key art

Today indie developer Surumekoubou released a new trailer of its promising mecha game Project Six. 

The trailer is all gameplay and focuses on showcasing a "frontline base defense" mission. The action is very fast and it definitely looks very interesting for those who like mecha games.


You can watch it below. 

Project Six's alpha for PC is actually already playable and access can be purchased on the Japanese site Booth for 980 yen, which translates into just north of $7 at the current exchange rate. 

The alpha version comes with 7 stages (including a tutorial), 8 arena opponents, 21 customization parts plus tuning parts, and the ability to paint mecha and weapons. The alpha is in active development and content is being added over time. The game is developed in Unreal Engine and the developer is a recipient of the Epic Games Megagrants. 

We'llm definitely keep an eye on this game going forward, as it seems to be rather promising. The more mecha games we get, the better. 

Incidentally, if you're interested in Mecha games, today we got relevant news about Muv-Luv Dimension, for which pre-registration has just been opened and gameplay has been revealed



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