Project Witchstone Coming To Xbox One And Playstation 4

Published: August 1, 2019 9:00 AM /


project witchstone

Developer Spearhead Games has announced that RPG Project Witchstone will be coming to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. In addition to a previously announced PC release, they will launch in Q2 2020.

Project Witchstone is described by Spearhead Games as a living world sandbox RPG, in which players have a very large degree of freedom in how to play the game. They describe it as drawing inspiration from classic pen-and-paper games. In Project Witchstone, characters have routines that they follow, have friends and enemies, allegiances, and opinions, but all of these can be altered by how you play the game.


“Want to frame a villager for theft or murder? Want to join a faction, become their leader, and destroy the other factions? Want to destroy the factions but scheme in a way that they never know you're responsible? Want to become a treasure hunter instead? Maybe the best solution is to blow everything up? All of this is possible in our sandbox,” they describe on the game’s Steam page.

The game is set in a fantasy world, in which there is a newly discovered continent that is being settled. Various factions and groups are vying for power over their territories, making alliances and enemies as they hope to come out on top. There will be a variety of gameplay types and elements, including dialogue trees, turn-based combat, stealth, and dice-based ability checks. With this openness, there is no predefined narrative, and each playthrough can be drastically different.


Quick Take

This looks like it will be an interesting game, if it’s able to live up to what they say it can do. Many games have characters act with routines, but I don’t think I’ve seen a game since The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask that allows you to interact with them and alter their tasks as much as this.



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