Project Winter Pits You Against the Wilderness—and Each Other

Published: January 9, 2019 9:18 AM /


project winter

Project Winter is an upcoming game from Other Ocean Interactive that warms my cold Slavic heart. It pits you in a deadly situation against traitorous survivors and deadly bears—so in essence, it's a Tuesday in Siberia.

A press release from the dev team breaks down all the details. In Project Winter, you and seven other survivors are stuck in the wintery wilderness. A goodly portion of this game is about "escape"-style survival. You and your companions must survive the elements and accomplish a variety of tasks in order to facilitate your rescue. For example, you might need to repair a shelter to stay alive. Then, you might have to acquire replacement parts for a radio in order to call in a helicopter that can rescue you. (I'm kinda getting The Long Dark vibes out of this one.)

Unfortunately for you, a portion of your group happens to be traitors who are all to keen to hinder your progress. This adds a layer of social deduction gaming to the mix and makes this a much more intriguing title. Is the guy who says the doodad you need is over the hill telling the truth or is he waiting for just the right moment to feed you to bears? There's no way to be certain. Oh, and the bear thing is a very real risk, going by our header image. You certainly wouldn't want to wander off on your own!

Of course, Project Winter has a trailer that you totally should check out:

Communication in Project Winter is undertaken through proximity-based voice chat, text chat, and emotes. Personally, I think this sort of game doesn't work that well without at least having voice chat and it's good that they have it as an option. Any Runescape or EVE Online veteran can tell you just how easy it is to lie over text.

Other Ocean Interactive seems to be cooking up something pretty interesting here and I'm quite keen on following it. Project Winter should be releasing into Steam Early Access sometime in Early 2019. In the meantime, you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam. Don't forget to follow the game on Twitter and check out its official website!

What do you think of Project Winter? Do you think a social deduction survival game can work or is it doomed to fail? Let us know in the comments below!

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