Project Sonic 2017 Revealed, Coming to NX

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Project Sonic 2017 Revealed, Coming to NX

July 23, 2016

By: James Galizio


Surprise! You thought that Sonic Mania was SEGA's only major Sonic the Hedgehog announcement tonight? Think again! While Sonic Mania is coming out Spring of 2017, Sonic Team has been working on their own title targeting a Holiday 2017 release. Although SEGA didn't give us much info about the game, they did give us a short teaser trailer for the title - as well as the assurance that it's not just a sequel, and "an entirely new experience".


Although the game apparently is it's own experience and not a sequel to any specific Sonic title, it's easy to see more than a few similarities to Sonic Generations in the above trailer. We didn't get much information on the actual gameplay, but based off of the inclusion of both Classic and Modern Sonic - as well as Dreamcast-era Sonic in concept art directly after the trailer - it seems like the idea of multiple Sonic's with different playstyles might return.


Another interesting tidbit of information included in the trailer is the fact that the title will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC... and the Nintendo NX. We still have no idea what the NX is, but Project Sonic 2017 will release on the platform next year.

Quick Take

Like I said in the article, tonight's trailer didn't give us much to go on. We've got no clue what the gameplay will be like, all we DO know is that it's a 3D Sonic title releasing Holiday of next year. Oh, and it'll be on the NX - whatever that ends up being - along with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC releases. Since Sonic Team has been working on the title for a long time, my guess is we'll start learning more about the title whenever Nintendo decides to start revealing more information about the NX. The game should be far enough in development to share some information soon.

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