Project Sakura Wars Western Release Set for Spring 2020

Published: April 1, 2019 12:40 PM /



In a trailer posted to their official Twitter account, Sega of America announced that Project Sakura Wars, which is titled Shin Sakura Wars in Japanese, will reach western shores in the Spring of 2020 for the Playstion 4. You can watch the trailer for the game with English subtitles below.

According to a press release from Sega found at Gematsu, the game will tell the story of a new Imperial Capital Combat Revue ten years after the collapse of their predecessor. Players take on the role of the male captain of the revue and must work together with its all-female Tokyo cast to protect the Capital, rebuild the Imperial Theater and defend the city's citizens from monsters.

The game will feature  RPG-styled combat with characters battling foes in steam-powered mecha suits called spiricle armor. Action outside of combat takes on elements on Japanese romance games, with the captain strengthening his relationships with the female cast via the LIPS dialogue system. Project Sakura Wars will also feature character design by Tite Kubo, a manga author, and artist best known for his work on Bleach, and music by veteran composer Kohei Tanaka. Tanaka is no stranger to the Sakura Wars series, having provided music for both the first Sakura Wars game in 1996, as well as several of its anime adaptions.

Project Sakura Wars is the first title in the series to see release in over a decade, with the last being the 2008 Nintendo DS game Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Taisen ~Kimi aru ga tame, and the sixth main series game overall. It will also be the second game in the series to reach America, with the first being the 2010 release of Sakura Wars V: So Long my Love by Nippon Ichi for the PlayStation 2 and Wii.

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